Gulfstream G650 powerplant maintenanceSeven days a week to get your aircraft back where it belongs: in the air.

JetWorx technicians are staffed in rotating shifts for true seven day per week coverage, keeping your maintenance or inspection on track. JetWorx technicians and line service team members undergo extensive In-house training before setting foot in the hangar. Additionally, each member is scheduled for recurrent training every 24 months. With rotating shifts covering seven days per week, while giving technicians three much-needed days off each week, we’re able to keep your maintenance or inspection on track for the most expeditious and safest completion.

Airframes Covered:

+ Gulfstream GIV through Gulfstream G550
+ Gulfstream G200
+ Bombardier Challenger 600, Challenger 601, and Challenger 300
+ Cessna Citation X and Citation 550
+ Learjet 31, 35, 45, and 60
+ Hawker 800XP and Hawker 900

Airframes Coming Soon:

+ Embraer 600 and 650
+ Gulfstream G650
+ Global Express 5000 and 6000